Barbara Hand Clow: Uranus Square Pluto and Generational Tension

Copyright © 2012 by Barbara Hand Clow (May 1, 2012)

The seven squares between Uranus and Pluto—2012 through 2015—will create a
revolution in global industrial, financial, and social structures. We know this because when
the square was first drawing close during 2011, the ideals of the 1960s countercultural
revolution surfaced within Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and the European financial
crisis. Uranus rules radical structural changes, while Pluto destroys anything in the way of
change. When they work together as a team as they are now, watch out! This is especially
true with erratic and shocking Uranus in its most forceful sign—Aries—while ruthless Pluto
is in it most determined sign—Capricorn. During the countercultural revolution, Uranus and
Pluto in Virgo—the sign of healing, orderly living, and ecology—set the themes for
transformation all the way up through 2104: During the 1960s for example,people rose up
and demanded an end to corporate control and war, and soon these seven squares will
provide fuel to push this agenda along.

When two planets square each other after a major conjunction, the issues that surfaced
during the conjunction return and push for resolution. With Pluto in Capricorn, we will
witness a cleanout of financial, corporate, and societal structures. Many of us have not
forgotten the wild and crazy 1960s, when youth movements demanded economic fairness,
an end to war, and creative freedom for all people. This pressure for amore humane world
has simmered just beneath the surface for more than forty years, and it came to a boil again
in 2011—“power to the people” is the same as “power for the 99%”.

This article looks into how the 2012-15 squares will impact the Pluto generations that
played major roles during the 1960s—those with natal Pluto in Cancer through Virgo born
1912-1972. It ends with the Cancer through Virgo transits of Chiron from 1988 through
1995, because the centaur generated a healing of these three generations. (1) Back in the
1960 during the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions in Virgo, the Pluto-in-Leo generation—born
from 1937 to 1958—challenged the control of their Pluto-in-Cancer parents—born from
1912 to 1939. (Overlaps between generations are due to Pluto’s retrograde motion.) This
younger generation’s refusal to support the status quo resultedin heart-breaking divisions
in many families thatmay rip open again in 2012-15. Then because of this division, the
Pluto-in-Virgo children and grandchildren—born 1956 to 1972—currently struggle with
having enough resources. Let’s consider how these generations may respond to these
upcoming squares.

Because of Pluto’s long stay in each sign, the sign that Pluto occupies expresses the
deepest desires of each generation. These well up within people and eventually become the
themes of collective movements, for example, the infamous “Make Love, not War” slogan of
the 1960s. These plutonic desires become specific evolutionary urges that transform
worlds, very much like extinctions that create space for new species. Pluto resides in our
solar plexus (gut) where we hold the complexes of present and past experience. Like a
volcano, when there is too much hidden material in our gut, Pluto compresses it and then
explodes the contents in a wild eruption. Pluto is our emotional brain that holds the records
of our karmic processes; we remember our deepest feelings by storing them plutonically.
Pluto is also a compassionate and wise master, a teacher who allows us to learn the most
about ourselves by forcing us to notice our behavior when our gut erupts. Just feel that area
of your body when you get really mad at someone.

We must name Pluto’s evolutionary intentions because generational tensions impact
each one of us so intensely. If we don’t, we could become a lost generation. During 2011, the
close square of Uranus/Pluto brought back the 1960’s dreams—global desire for freedom,
fairness, and harmony for all people. Much time has passed since Uranus and Pluto joined in
the sky, so today we can be fairly objective about the mass behavior of the Pluto-in-Cancerthrough-Virgo generations. Even if these dreams won’t be fulfilled until Uranus opposes
Pluto in 2046-2048, the coming seven squares will reactivate and possibly clarify
generational tensions.

Pluto-in-Cancer (1912-1939): The Pluto-in-Cancer generation is protective, nurturing,
and very needy. In much of the West, they inherited great wealth and property, forming the
basis of their value systems that they anxiously guard. They enlarged the growing and
lucrative military-industrial complex, which guaranteed protection even to death;
supported corporations that are granted unalienable rights; and built a medical system
dedicated to keeping people alive at all costs. Their slogan in the United States was “better
dead than red” (communist). This is not a judgment, since after all they inherited the
creations of Pluto in Taurus, the “plutocrats” who pinnacled the industrial age that was
joyfully expanded by the Pluto-in-Gemini generation. Each generation is like a loop in a chain
that pulls tight whenever the chain is stretched.

Pluto-in-Leo (1937-1959): Leo is creative, childish, passionate, addicted to power, and
very honest. This generation was uncomfortable with the goal of being protected to death
by society and their parents; they’d rather be “red than dead.” So just out of adolescence in
the early 1960s, they wanted to live instead of just to die, to create instead of to destroy.
Then along came Uranus-conjunct-Pluto in Virgo after the generations had turned against
each other! The Pluto-in-Cancers unleashedits protective tools—the CIA and the
Pentagon—to carry out selective assassinations of the Pluto-in-Leo leaders. The leaders of
the Leo generation weren’t all born with Pluto in Leo, such as the Kennedy brothers who
resonated with the Leo generation. The end result was a serious blockage of the younger
generation by the protective tendencies of Pluto in Cancer.

Tensions between the Pluto-in-Cancer and Pluto-in-Leo Generations: An abnormal
blockage of a whole generation’s agenda is encapsulated in the Kennedy assassinations,
which for many people were the beginning of America’s decline. Newly sighted Pluto lurked
within the secret services and the military-industrial complex in agents plotting to kill
people just to get them out of the way. These days, we call it “regime change.” Using murder
to solve problems is a dead end that erodes civilization, but it became acceptable when the
horrors of WW II after the Depression just stunnedmost people. Globally, admiration for
America and democracy began to diminish when idealism was thrown to the dogs in favor
of excessive adoration for the military. Now with the Pluto/Uranus squares, we are dealing
with a highly unusual situation that has never occurred before in human history: The
generational chain could pull apart for societies distorted by plutonic ruthlessness.

We must see our situation for what it really is because the upcoming Pluto-in-Libra-andScorpio generations (born 1971-1995) value deep compassion and kindness. How did we
ever get so far off track? Well, two world wars, a terrible depression, and the rise of fascism
detonated people’s brains. Then those born 1937-1959 became the first generation that

while they raise their own children—also had to cope with elders who were living long and
often enfeebled lives. The Pluto-in-Cancers are inherently controlling and protective, so they
resisted passing knowledge and resources to their children because they don’t trust
anybody but themselves, yet the press calls them the “Greatest Generation.” I contend that
this aging generation has overwhelmed societal balance because it is instinctually plutonic!
This may be because Pluto was in Cancer when it was first sighted in 1930, and then the
previous Uranus/Pluto squares occurred right afterwards in the early 1930s. These transits
triggered the Depression and the rise of Fascism between the two world wars.

On the heels of the of the Cancer and Leo generational tension, along comes the Pluto-inVirgo generation who need to assume roles in society. But the Pluto-in-Cancer folks are still
holding on and being cared for, which has meant the Pluto-in-Leos have had less time and
resources for their Pluto-in-Virgo children. The US has 75-year olds taking any job they can
get, while 40-year olds have never even gotten a decent job! Ironically, the Uranus/Pluto
conjunctions were in Virgo during the 1960s, so the Virgo generation knows what needs to
be done to reform society! They are extremely frustrated and determined to have their way
because they see that the older folks clearly don’t know what to do.

Due to the Cancer generation’s lingering distrust, negative aspects of the Pluto-in-Leo
generation are more developed than positive ones. Negative Pluto-in-Leos have tantrums,
need too much therapy, want to play when the job needs to get done, and stress creativity
over basic needs. They are impatient, willful, and want instead of do. Back in the 1960s,
when the parents took one look at the unruly crowd of beatniks, hippies, and bums, they
concluded that the ends (make sure these kids never get any authority!) justify the means
(use the military, chemicals, the CIA, blue meenies—any technique to maintain control). But,
these draconian methods ran smack dab into the positive Pluto-in-Leo traits—honesty,
integrity, hope, trust in the future, creative solutions, and remembering to play. We can’t
survive if a whole generation aborts, so next I think the Uranus/Pluto squares are going to
inspire the Pluto-in-Leo generation to assist their children—the Pluto-in-Virgo
generation—to transform the world.

Chiron as the Guide for Generational Healing: Based on my Chiron research, the
wounded healer is the guide through this unique crisis. (2) When sighted in 1977, Chiron was
in 3 degrees of Taurus, and then Chiron in early Leo attained its first square to its discovery
in 1991, which put the focus on healing. Uranus-conjunct-Neptune in 1993 quickly followed
the Leo Chiron squares; these transits shifted the agenda of the Pluto-in-Leo generation.
Ignored for years by the status quo and not allowed to participate in society, the 1960s
activists mysteriously “dropped out” when Chiron was discovered. They turned to healing
and birthed the alternative healing movement. (3) Then when Chiron in Leo squared its
discovery position in 1991, people in general realized we must heal our hearts. Back then in
1977, the wounded healer complex emerged—the discovery that wemust go way back in
time to process our core wounds. Then during the first Chiron squares in 1991, the healing
movement realized we must clear the karmic wounds that we carry since time began. This
need for a species-level healing was recognized during the Uranus/Neptune conjunctions of
1993. (4)

We are transforming societal structures, yet this endeavor will fail if the generations
battle against each other as they have since the end of WW II. Chiron, which does not
complete its first cycle until 2027, is driving us to heal core wounds, to open our hearts so
that whole families can bond normally. Neptune and Chiron have been travelling close
together 2007-2013 andbuilding Chiron’s spiritual healing field. This field has transmuted
our core emotions, and we seek abandoned love. For example, while the Pluto-in-Cancer
parents were controlling and judging their children, they really just wanted to nurture

them. Often they secretly admired the wonderful creativity, insights, and integrity of their
children, but everyday business always came first after the Depression and WW II.
Thankfully, Chiron’s healing field allows aging Cancer parents to soften and just express their
love. What a joy!

The self-absorbed Pluto-in-Leo generation is still trying to just play! However with time
they’ve realized they don’t know as much as they once thought they did. As a result of doing
so much therapy, they see why their parents were so emotionally constrictedand they’ve
forgiven them. Chiron’s healing field allows ageing Leos to accept limitation and to just be.

From their generational Virgo perspective, Pluto-in-Virgos still feel that their parents are
flaky, idealistic, selfish, and irresponsible. Yet, they also appreciate all the love and
emotional healing they’ve gotten. By owning the confidence given to them by real love,
Chiron’s healing field releases the Virgo generation to change the emotionally sick society.
Hidden needs fascinate Chiron, so when Chiron transited Cancer through Virgo in 1988-
1995, these generational wounds erupted and got processed. You may want to revisit those
years to remember all the bodywork, emotional therapy, Reiki, past-life regression, and
emotional healing books that you used to recover from your generational wounds. Having
done this work, many people are less likely to get angry at contemporary society, which
merely mirrors the inner wounding. This is why a generation may destroy the past! To assist
you in remembering these phases, let’s look at them in more detail.

Chiron in Cancer (1988-August 1991): During these years when Chiron transited the
Pluto placements of the folks born 1912-1939, the Berlin Wall fell (1989); Eastern Europe
was liberated; the Soviet Union ceased to be an enemy of the U.S.; the seriousness of AIDS
became apparent; the ozone hole was recognized; people began to deal with deep emotional
pain openly; and a massive movement to conquer addictions began. These events ended
entrenched Pluto-in-Cancer control patterns and a healing began for this aging generation.
There have been many lessons about how control won’t work, such as seeing that the ozone
hole is the result of chemicals that were invented to make life easy. Or how AIDS is a sign of
general immune system breakdown caused by the excessive use of antibiotics, which were
allopathic medicine’s salvation and are now alternative medicine’s foil. This aging
generation realizes that excessive control is dysfunctional, yet they are still having trouble
trusting their children.

Chiron in Leo (1991-93): During these years when Chiron transited the Pluto
placements of those born 1937 through 1959, a movement to access the inner child erupted
in the healing world. Sensing that the older generation wanted to kill them off (especially
during the 1993 Uranus/Neptune conjunctions), they sought the guidance of the spirit guide
within. This spawned alternative healing, and profit-motivated allopathic medical used all
its guns to suppress it. The mood of these years is beautifully portrayed in the role of the
New Orleans District Attorney (Kevin Costner) in the highly controversial film, JFK (1991).
During the Kennedy investigation, the DA woke up and realized the American public had
been duped and had been living in a fascist military state since the early 1970s. JFK gave
dramatic voice to the Pluto-in-Leo generation’s complex frustrations. All the talk about the
glories of living in a democracy that supposedly has rights and freedoms didn’t mean much
when people realized that the CIA in league with the military-industrial/big pharma
complex was totally controlling the United States and much of the “free” world.

The Pluto-in-Leo children realized that they had been lied to, andJFK offered a model for
how to react: Once the New Orleans DA was sure that the Kennedy brothers had been
assassinated, he modeled a path for the Pluto-in-Leo generation. He lives in a wild
environment with a wife and a pack of kids always wanting his attention while he deals with
a hyped-up political role, exactly the environment for most in the Leo generation. The DA
moves into a mode of total focus and clear intentions never losing sight of his goal because

he sees the truth so clearly. He never wavers in his consistent pursuit of the truth with no
emotional vacillation because it is his only hope for survival. The DA was the ideal behavior
model for the Pluto-in-Leo generation, so they imprinted this model within their inner
culture as Chiron transited Leo and Uranus conjuncted Neptune. This strong idealistic
undercurrent has never ceased to flow, and exposure of the lies of the Cancer-in-Cancer
generation is highly likely during 2012-15, especially getting the truth about 9/11.

Chiron-in-Virgo (1993-1995): During these years when Chiron transited the Pluto
placements of those born 1956-72, laughing Bill Clinton was president, andInternet, global
television, and mobile phones emerged. Amidst all this newness, the Virgo generation
quietly adopted their own focus and stopped listening to their flaky parents as they were
navigating mid-life crises and Chiron returns. (5) They are quite emotionallymature and
able to handle chaos because of natal Uranus-conjunct-Pluto. For them, the new tech world
and the smiling president meant everybody was playing while they focused. This generation
understands the plutocracy—total corporate, military, and banking control—and they know
that America is not a democracy, if there ever even was such a thing.

They are poised to assume critical rolls in society during 2012-15 because as young
adults, they experienced the healing of Chiron in Virgo during the Uranus/Neptune
conjunctions. Once the chaos starts, they will operate covertly and consistently during the
Uranus/Pluto squares; the film, The Matrix, is their model. They will support the Pluto-inLibras born from 1971-1984, who must balance and release the great generational break
described in this article. I think the shining stars of the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions will be the
Pluto-in-Virgo generation. I will be following their progress. When the dust settles in 2016,
the Pluto-in-Scorpio generation born 1983-1995 will birth a new Pluto archetype that will
change the world in 2046-48 when Uranus in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces.

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