ZAP REPORT 7-21-2013


Greetings and Salutations,

Recapping the week we find more and more people are hearing from news channels 

about the Fed and FDIC voting in Basel III which means a metals backed currency for 

the US and approximately 200 other countries around the world. This is a huge 

turning point for our planet. Also, with the beginning of the acceptance and 

implementation of the tariff treaties for the countries last week this will help clear 

the way for the beginning of the new financial system. 

from Zap..........

Hi All,

Well, the release that was scheduled to happen last week got delayed a bit. It is 

scheduled for next week, and if they can not agree in full, we will have no choice but 

to wait some more. Rumor out (based on timing of the summer break coming up) is 

60 days or less for restart and release.

Now this sucks the big one. If it is to be, ok…but bottom line is that it will happen 

now whether next week, or in 2 months. Either one.

Assume it happens next week. What then? When it happens, the signal will be the 

signing of the global gold settlements. Then the RV of the dinar/dong. then the 

installation of the Basel III protocols (metal backed currency requirement).

Timing? Within a week or two I would say. Timing of F&P and the release of the PP 

returns? Again that is something I do not know, as my work is focused elsewhere in 

the global financial infrastructure on another level, but I do get to hear snippets of 

that side, and it may happen within the 1-2 week time frame is the best guesstimate I 

can make from my vantage point.

important note:

Wish I could be more precise, but please remember that my work is towards the 

current cleanup of historical issues as they would negatively impact the new system, 

and more importantly, the propagation of reconstruction projects.

My influence is small in world matters, but I do voice my thoughts and put forward 

suggestions in respect of what could work in certain instances to give a helping hand 

during the transition, and those thoughts are at times considered if valid, but that’s 

it. The decisions are made by the old man.

Talking about the old man, [he] is receiving many elders now and is in constant 

discussions, meetings, and general no sleep mode working out the final details of 

what is to come. Amazing amount of work is being done by the legions both upstairs 

and downstairs. The sheer energy of the focused intent of people is of great import, 

and timelines have shifted yet again. The geologic devastation that was to come is 

mitigated….the specter of war destroying populations at a single glance is gone…the 

release of weird science technologies has been approved and they will come out to 

our benefit sooner than expected…etc.

So overall, the stage is well set now more than ever for the global reset. Awareness 

of money problems when large amounts filter into your pocket are being really 

considered seriously now past the immediate “get a new car and blow a whole 

bunch partying for a bit” mindset (nice). Thoughts are shifting towards “what can I 

do to help (us)” considerations, and a general calm but high energy expectation is 

forming within for the time when it all transits from the old to the new (real nice).

Make no mistake….this energy is quite palpable and is making a great difference in 

the energy envelope around our mother.

By the way, on another shelf is this tidbit of information: the chemtrails and the 

disruptions in the atmosphere by HAARP have been sufficient to create a real barrier 

to certain energies outside that have been trying to flood us with the various rays of 

light to help increase consciousness. This is the play: dumb down everybody so they 

can not receive, much less send. Hence chemtrails, HAARP, fluoride, aspartame, the 

various pharma drugs like Ritalin, etc. All the tech that can affect the opening of 

the pineal has been tried, implemented, and vigorously defended as inconsequential 

and actually good for us. Ya right. Does Cheney sweeten with aspartame? After all, it 

is only a toxic by-product of acetylene manufacture (and really cheap until you put it

 into little paper envelopes with instructions of one packet=two teaspoons of sugar).

These and other things will be exposed in a short time now (faster if more strenuous

 noises are made), and our humanity can breathe and prosper. it is inevitable now, 

and many have prepared that path with their lives.

So, not really that much to impart other than 1) we are delayed, and 2) not by much.

in answer to questions:

What events have occurred this week to move us closer to F&P, PP?

None. the delay in the global release delayed it. However, it is only delayed by the 

time it takes to do the release, then it stays in the timeline accordingly from that 

point on.

Do you think the RV and Basel III will still be announced in July or do you think it will be further out?

It is very likely….but remember the potential of a 60 day or less delay.

How long will it take the banking world to implement these changes and make the 

public aware?

pretty well instantly, as the announcement will come out of the blue worldwide – it 

will be an event.

At this stage do world events, like the unrest in Egypt, Greece's financial problems 

and other such events interfere with the F&P, PP, payout process?

No. these items are pesky at best, but will be resolved on the announcement and 

installation of the Basel III protocols.

Could you please give us a few examples of how the new banking system will make 

our life easier?

7-11 will drop the price of a big gulp even more. The penny will disappear. Money 

will be much more attractive and easier to read what denomination it is. And 

widow Higgins will not beg on the street corner anymore for food money.

Immediate benefits include the stabilization of the currency markets, and 

inflation/deflation issues will be negligible again, amongst others. the price of 

goods and services will become manageable and in keeping with true values. More 

disposable income will be generated as taxes will drop.

Easier to move funds? Oh yes.

Easier to get loans? That too.

Easier to bank internationally? Yes again.

Will we still need safe banking and tax havens off shore?

Why? The system is designed for prosperity so trying to save as much tax as possible 

will no longer be a consuming passion, and eventually, these tax systems will 

disappear in time.

There always seems to be individuals or groups that want to spread fear among the 

populace and diminish the efforts of achievers or demean them is some way. How 

do you respond to these naysayers who may spread doubt and fear about the good 

you wish to accomplish with these worldwide projects you want to put into place?

Patience and faith in our humanity. They may try to do the fear mongering bit, but as

 with all such constructs rooted in bullshit, time dissipates them and exposes them for

 the vaporware they are. It has been a very hard and long road to get to this point of 

acceptance of all that is, and what it means in relation to itself, and the culmination 

of all the learning I have done is summed into the 6 phrases that define me, what I do, 

and why, and i end my letter to you each time this way:

God Is; I am; We are

The first phrase is self evident. The second phrase denotes your self and all you can 

do to make that self the best it can be through education, attainment of a higher 

consciousness level, helping the poor by giving what you can to the panhandler or 

charity, a masters degree, mopping a floor really well with excellent technique of the 

wrist, whatever makes you a better you. The third phrase completes the first two, 

and leads back to the first phrase – it is a loop. It is self fulfilling and teaches us the 

integration of us with all that is. We are, are we not?

So this taught me that when I talk to the rubby drinking ripple in a back alley, I am 

talking to myself…an individuated piece of divinity yes, but a piece of myself that is 

on another path, and I must respect that path and not force change, but offer 

suggestion only. Hence, leading by example, and not by dictating. Makes a big 

difference in the end, but you must have learned patience , understanding, and 

compassion to integrate this in. it is not an overnight thing to be sure, and some 

take a little bit to get it, and others many years, if at all. It is so simple, it is 

profoundly hard for some.

This gives the framework to me to put flesh on the skeleton. The second set of 

phrases describe the actions for the framework to perform.

Be good; Be legal; Tell truth.

The first phrase combines all that is possible of the light to be done for the highest 

good. the second set provides the constraints within which to do good. the third set 

allows clarity and transparency of action without fear. Telling truth is quite 

liberating. The integration of the combination of these three phrases defines how I do things.

Together, I get the top down view rooted in the bottom. it is the keeping of both feet 
firmly on the ground while keeping the head way up there. works well. You will find 

the things of God very simple, but profound.

Glad you asked that question. Thanks.

Why are your project efforts focused primarily on youth and seniors?

Our kids will inherit this world, and whatever we do now to help them and give them 

the tools to do the right thing, the better our world will be with such leaders in time; 

and we must honor the seniors for their great effort whether raising kids, doing a 

job well, etc, and give them a helping hand since many can not afford the basics 

when they can no longer work. So they begin eating little cheap cans of food that 

any cat would go for, and linger in great loneliness, forgotten, and discarded. Why?

so, we look after them first. all other projects third, but in parallel…the work must 

begin on all fronts, not just the concentration of attention on just 2 elements of the 


What about helping disaster victims around the world?

What about that? We do have plans in place to buy mothballed warships and convert 

them to floating emergency stations deployable to any disaster site (for example).

Remember that projects abound in many directions, ideas, and concepts, but we just 

kinda sorta look after our future and our past first while concentrating on the 

present “now”. This effort must be full spectrum, and done by many, not just a 

handful of us. please join in, we do need you.

hope that helps with clarity (film at 11).

By the way, who/what is this OPPT(?) Thing? Still have not been brought up to speed 

on this. Explanation anybody?

[How about getting a computer and doing a simple Google search? We're 

everywhere! Seriously if you're gonna change the world you better get used to the 

Internet... -AK]

God bless.

In love and light in our service


“God Is; I am; We are”

“Be good, be legal, tell truth” 

poof says.....I won't get into specifics, I will just tell 

you to be ready for whatever you intend to do, at the reception of your letter. 

people are happy on both sides of the ocean and in Asia, as the end has finally 

arrived. the sky isn't going to all the sudden be blue, sharks will be in the 

water, looking to prey upon those who receive. They can get it to you but you will 

have to use the common sense god gave you, after you access. Don't be acting like 

someone who's won the lottery and is broke in a year!

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and kisses,

Susan & staff

office of Poofness